Test Flight of Millennium Dynamics Radome

Pitch and Plunge Support System for Wind Tunnel Model


At Millennium Dynamics we exist because we love the field of Aerospace Engineering. Listed below are the company's current capabilities but as a company we take joy in new work and therefore are willing to find the necessary experts to accomplish the tasks we set out to perform.

Active Control System

  • Aeroelastic response and stability analysis

Airflow Separation Studies

Aging Aircraft
  • Ground Vibration Testing
  • Structural Health Monitoring (including crack and delamination dectecting)

Instrumentation Control and Automation: MATLAB Control Environment
  • LDV Scanning Mechanism
  • Stepper Motor Control
  • Actuator Dynamics Testing
  • System Dynamic Testing
  • Real Time Count

Multi-Discipline Optimization
  • MDC is exploring the use of Sandia Lab's MDO toolkit, DAKOTA. We are currently coupling ZAERO aerodynamic analysis and finite element software.

Parallel Computing
  • MDC uses a 64 node (2 CPUs per node) computer cluster in support of computation fluid design, structural analysis, neural networks, and flight simulation.

Wind Tunnel Model
  • Aerodynamic and static loads testing models
  • Dynamically scaled models for flutter buffet and gust response controlled testing


Pictures to come soon

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